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Adventures in Compost

My son has been begging me to plant seeds and grow our own food for years.  The problem was that we had just bought a house in Colorado and the yard was in horrendous shape.  I’m talking, nothing but dirt and river rock on the back yard.  The dirt was due to no one ever watering the grass, the river rock was a poor attempt at landscaping.  So I spent the first many years picking rocks out of where the lawn should be, and then moving tons (as in weight) of rock out from where I wanted to install a garden.  Then much labor was involved installing a retaining wall made of timbers, and concrete garden wall stones.  I even stress fractured my wrist chiseling away at the hard clay with a pick axe.  Talk about dedication! This post isn’t about the whole process of getting my yard in shape.  It is about my adventures in composting.

We’ve lived here for 5 years now, and I’m happy to report that I’m almost ready to plant a garden.  I even have seeds sprouted.  Before I can do that, I need soil in my garden.


Sprouted Seeds =)

Last fall, my garden area was finally ready to be filled with soil.  You see I’m from Ohio, where generally you can stick a seed in the ground and it will grow.  In Colorado, even if you are planting native plants, you will need to water them profusely to get them established.  This is why my garden is a raised bed, also it’s on a bit of an incline.

Last Fall

Garden Area before soil amending

Actually, in this picture, there are already some leaves in there for composting.  After pricing garden soil at about $500 to fill this area, I decided to make my own.  In comes the compost.  I started by filling the space with as many leaves as I could get my hands on.  All of them from my yard, and two of my neighbors’ yards.  The branches were of course moved out.

Siloh in the compost midwinter

My dog loves the compost like kids love ball pits.

Here it is mostly filled.  Actually at one point it was filled to the brim with leaves.  Here it is already compacting.  It sat like this over the winter, with the occasional turning on warm days.  I also watered it from time to time, because we had a really dry winter.  Come spring I realized that while my pile was composting, it kept shrinking!  I needed more soil.  So I purchased a few bags of organic garden soil and began chipping away at the slope by the fence and mixed it in.

Spring first amendment

Adding Organic Soil

And then I realized that this was still not enough. So my greenhouse farming friend gave me the leftover soil from a recent harvest.

Spring 2nd amendment

Amending compost the second time.

See it’s getting fuller, but now it needs to be mixed up.  I liked to think of this like baking cookies.  Only instead of using a hand mixer to combine the flour, sugar, butter, and chocolate chips… I used a pick axe and a shovel to blend wet leaves, food scraps, and dirt.  The difference being that baking cookies smells like vanilla, compost smells like decomposing wet leaves.  Oh, and cookies take about 15 minutes with minimal effort, this took 4 hours of manual labor!

hand tools

As I worked, I kept envisioning my baby kale, turnips, beans, corn, carrots, tomatoes, and lettuce that are anxiously awaiting to spread their roots in the earth.  Then when that wore off, I began envisioning the beer I would treat myself to when I was done.


Compost is wet and messy.

Compost is wet and messy.

And finally, my compost was like cookie dough only instead of chocolate chips it was full of worms.  Glorious, fat worms.  Worms are of course necessary for compost.  So fat worms in early spring show that my compost is working.  It’s full of nutrients, and it’s keeping warm enough for life even under 14″ of snow!

Compost after turning 4/21

In all it’s glory

It’s supposed to snow again tonight, yes in mid April.  Also, obviously my soil isn’t 100% ready for planting.  So keep your fingers crossed for me that by next month in mid May when the danger of frost has finally past, that this pile is glorious black gold (of the fertile earth kind).

See? Like a ball pit made of stinky wet leaves. Dog heaven.

Look for an update on my garden next month.  In the meantime, I may post about my adventure in xeriscaping the front yard.


love & light






Real happiness lies in that which never comes nor goes, but simply is.

Tea Time


What is your favorite way to recharge when you feel drained of energy? I like to enjoy a cup of tea.  I know some of you are thinking, “Yes! A caffeine pick me up.” This isn’t necessarily untrue, but how my energy is recharged through a cup of tea is more powerful than any drug.

Tea & Bag
It is the ritual of brewing tea that invokes all of the senses and forces you be present in the moment.  I enjoy looking over my collection of tea with the brightly colored wrappings or beautiful designs on the box or tins.  As I listen for my hot water kettle to reach a boil, I read the eloquent words the tea master uses to describe the flavors from the blend of tea leaves and herbs and dream about the far off places these plants came from.  Selecting my favorite tea cup can be as comforting as a favorite pair of slippers, or exotic like a new pair of shoes.  When the water is hot and poured over the tea the air is filled with steam and creates a moment of aromatherapy.  Then the cup is covered while it brews and I imagine all of the goodness of the healthy herbs inside and how they will soon heal my body.


Finally when it has cooled just enough to drink, I sit back, feel the cup warm my hands, breath in the scent, taste the fresh flavors, and for a few moments simply enjoy the simplicity of the world.  Tea is a rejuvenating experience like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day.




love & light



Bee in Maine

We Need the Bees!

I’ve always found bees fascinating.  My son is terrified of them due to a freak bee sting many years ago during a daytime Halloween event in which a bee fell in his shoe and stung his foot.  So over the past years I’ve been explaining that despite that one sting, bees are actually very good creatures and are an integral part of our existence.  Also, he loves honey, so that helps =)
A Bee in Maine

A Bee in Maine

Facts about Honeybees:

>They are not native to the USA. They are European in origin, and were brought to North America by the early settlers.

>There is only one queen, which is the only fertile female. She mates with multiple males, and lays up to 2,000 eggs per day.

>They have control over the society of their hive. Unfertilized eggs are male, fertilized eggs are female. They choose with egg will be a new queen by feeding it royal jelly.

>Nearly all worker bees are female, they live all winter long, but only 4 – 6 weeks during summer. Worker jobs are assigned as housekeeper; nursemaid; construction worker; grocer; undertaker; guard; and finally, after 21 days they become a forager collecting pollen and nectar. Becoming a forager is the equivalent of “putting a cow to pasture”. While an integral part of their society, this signifies the end of their life as the literally work themselves to death. Females only sting if provoked. Since they have a barbed stinger, using it will result in their death.

>Drones are male and kept in the hive on standby for mating. They have no stinger but their reproductive organ is barbed, so using it will result in their death. In winter, males drones are of no use and are kicked out of the hive (death).

>One hive collects about 66lbs of pollen per year. Without bees, our plants, trees, flowers etc. would not grow.

>In conclusion. Women rule among the honey bees, literally. Every time you eat honey, remember, this was brought to you by hard working women that died creating their sweet elixir that provides us with many medicinal benefits.

>No Bees = No Pollination = No Plants = No Food = No oxygen = Earth Dies = Humans Die

>A honey bees society is a lot like Wicker Man. Except instead of fire, they kill their men by letting them freeze in icy winter.

More about Bees:

“NOVA chronicles a year in the life of a bee colony with stunning images that take viewers inside the innermost secrets of the hive. The documentary team spent a year developing special macro lenses and a bee studio to deliver the film’s astonishing sequences. These include the “wedding flight” of the colony’s virgin queen as it mates in mid-air with a drone; the life-and-death battle between two rival queens for the colony’s throne; and the defeat and death of a thieving wasp at the entrance to the hive. The show also explores such mysteries as the famous “waggle dance” with which scout bees signal the exact direction and distance of nectar sources to the rest of the hive. A vivid picture emerges of the bee’s highly organized social life, revolving around the disciplined sharing of construction tasks, the collection of nectar, and warding off enemies.Original Broadcast Date: January 4, 2000″

I hope you enjoyed my thoughts on Bees =)
love & light



Volunteer Week ~ Soul Flower

The main garden classroom last fall

The main garden classroom last fall

April 14 – 20 is National Volunteer Week.  I happened to see that one of my favorite online clothing establishments was hosting a “Kindness Matters Giveaway for Volunteers“, with the prize being a coupon code.  All I had to do was submit a little bio about my volunteering with an image for a chance to earn the coupon.  Well let’s face it, who doesn’t like coupons, especially when it’s for some sweet threads?  Anyhow, my buds over at Soul Flower liked my submission so much that they included me as one of the volunteers featured in their blog.  How fun is that?!


Had I known my email was going to be published I might have written it a bit different.  But hey, what can you do? It’s written from the heart, and really explains all the work I do with the school garden.  I hope you enjoy =)

Soul Flower Buds: School Garden Program, Kindness Matters


love & light


Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome to my brand new blog!  It was time for something new, and here it is.

I’m a relaxed person that likes to go with the flow.  I have strong opinions on some things, but I also understand that a wise person must learn to adapt with new information, facts, and they have to adapt to their surroundings.  Ultimately, life is ever evolving, and we all do the best we can with what we are provided with.

This blog intends to do just that; flow, adapt, and evolve with life.

Real happiness lies in that which never comes nor goes, but simply is.

Sometimes wisdom comes from a bag of tea.

love & light