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The main garden classroom last fall

The main garden classroom last fall

April 14 – 20 is National Volunteer Week.  I happened to see that one of my favorite online clothing establishments was hosting a “Kindness Matters Giveaway for Volunteers“, with the prize being a coupon code.  All I had to do was submit a little bio about my volunteering with an image for a chance to earn the coupon.  Well let’s face it, who doesn’t like coupons, especially when it’s for some sweet threads?  Anyhow, my buds over at Soul Flower liked my submission so much that they included me as one of the volunteers featured in their blog.  How fun is that?!


Had I known my email was going to be published I might have written it a bit different.  But hey, what can you do? It’s written from the heart, and really explains all the work I do with the school garden.  I hope you enjoy =)

Soul Flower Buds: School Garden Program, Kindness Matters


love & light


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