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About Me

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Anne is a freelance writer, gardener, and seamstress who lives in Boulder County Colorado.  She writes web copy, and has managed blogs including providing content, SEO optimization, and Social Network Integration.  Anne is pursuing work in the field of wellness.  She is also a freelance custom seamstress and manages a curriculum based elementary school garden program.

Anne was born on Earth Day, which she believes was no coincidence as she lives her life to honor the symbiosis of the earth and the life upon it.  She is a spiritual person with a Buddhist philosophy; and an understanding and respect that we are all One.

She enjoys the outdoors, fresh air, and the tons of sunshine that Colorado has to offer.  She often enjoys these activities with her husband, son, and furry pets.  Anne strives to live a healthy lifestyle full of holistic activities that nourish the mind, body, and soul.  She eats a mostly lacto-ovo vegetarian diet, focusing on fresh, real, and nutrient dense foods.  She often spends time during the summer in summer in a fishing village in coastal Maine.  Therefore she also enjoys fresh seafood.  She adores live music, traveling, camping, hiking, and snowboarding.  Her big project right now is xeriscaping her front yard, learning to compost, and creating a veggie garden.

Anne has worked as a seamstress for many years, today she keeps busy sewing custom projects for clients as well as designing clothes for her own pleasure.  She is a contributing writer for a life coach, writing with a focus on spiritualism and living life to it’s full potential.  Additionally, Anne is the volunteer coordinator for her son’s elementary school garden program.  She loves working with kids, and teaching them the skills they need to live a lifetime of wellness.


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