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Stop Thinking! Right Now.

Whoever said the quote in the image above, was inadvertently encouraging people to meditate.  Sometimes when you focus on what you shouldn’t do, you do exactly that, like hit the tree with your frisbee.  So it seems counterproductive to tell someone, “don’t think”, “don’t wonder”, “don’t imagine”, and “don’t obsess”.  Won’t this cause them to do just those things?


What happens when you tell someone to “clear their mind”?

  • clear your mind
  • find the stillness within
  • focus on only love

Sometimes a reminder of what NOT to do, is just as important as what TO do.  If that someone you told to “clear their mind” is anything like me, they will try but then all the thoughts come in.  We need a guide to remind us of what we shouldn’t be doing.

If you are at all familiar with meditating, you will know that you can find hundreds of guided meditations.  Generally these are positive imagery, “Imagine a light radiating from your heart.”, sorts of things.  I’m all for this, but what about that little disconnect between imagining the light and every day life?  The moments when you are so overwhelmed and consumed by something frustrating, that focusing on “nothing” is nearly impossible?


How do you focus on the void between the trees, when those trees are in technicolor and smacking you with their branches?


It’s easy.  First we BREATHE, and then we must give these trees our attention.  In order to make peace with the trees we must acknowledge that they are there, and they are hurting us with their branches.  The trees won’t stop unless we tell them their behavior is annoying us, that their technicolor glow is blinding our eyes from seeing the path we should be on.   When we have done all we can to acknowledge the trees, we can tell our brains to stop thinking about them, to not wonder what the trees are doing, to not obsess over the trees, to not even imagine the trees exist.

That’s our “Aha” moment.

We’ve let the trees go.  They have vanished into the great beyond.  Now we can shift our perspective to the radiating light.  Now the “clear mind” seems possible, right?  Now we can focus our faith on manifesting the BEST!


8 thoughts on “Stop Thinking! Right Now.

  1. Sharon

    There’s no way I could stop and just not think lol My brain is always going 300 mph! I just have too many things that I love to think on!

  2. Sarah Bailey

    I loved this!! Meditating is something I’ve tried quite a few times, even in a temple with real monks… But with my anxiety it’s always been very hard to “clear my mind”. You’ve given me inspiration to try it again, thank you! :)

  3. jessica bevil

    I wish that I could just stop & breath some times. I’m a naturally anxious person who is currently off her meds because I’m pregnant. Over thinking is something that I’ve done for ages but I must admit- your post has given me the desire to at least try a little harder to ‘not think’…. TY for sharing 😀

  4. Anne Post author

    “Over thinking”, “Worry”, “Racing minds” is all very natural traits for women. Our brains are simply wired this way, so it can be very challenging to stop thinking. I’ve been reading Dr. Amen’s book Unleashing the Female Brain. It is very informative. Although, often I can’t even quiet my mind enough to focus on reading it! Talk about irony 😉

  5. Elizabeth Towns

    This is wonderful. I love it. It is often so hard to stop, breath and be. Our lives are so dependent on doing the next thing to make sure our survival is certain. I needed this today. Thank you.


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